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Sketches in Travel
"Painting a tapestry of words and pictures about travel and lifestyle"

Images from Sketches posts during 2015

Hi, I'm Gavin, creator and writer of Sketches in Travel. A blog that paints sketches in words and pictures of anything remotely travel related. Combining that with some fictional pieces in my creative writing section. And for the aviation fanatics, there is also a section called CAES (Civil Aviation Enthusiasts Society) a place to share stories and pictures of all things aviation related.

Sunset in the desert near Dubai City
I'm a freelance writer and contribute to online publications such as Shopper Lottie MagazineLondon for Free and tipmytip.com. This blog enables me to express feelings, thoughts, ideas related to travel and lifestyle, and I'm loving it. I'm also collaborating with folk band Said the Maiden on an exciting new project and have written a children's book, which we're currently deciding what to do with!


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