22 April 2018

last train to leighton buzzard

beyond the back garden

Who loves a steam train ride? The click-clack of the wheels on the tracks, the gentle puff, puffing as the train moves out of the station. The smoke, the nostalgia of the great days of steam! Well, looking at the smiles on our little one's faces, I know the answer to that question. 

It's a rainy bank holiday! Nothing new there then, and we're headed for a steam train ride. Probably because we couldn't think of anything else as the weather was rubbish! So we head to a little narrow gauge railway attraction on the edge of a Bedfordshire town. The Leighton Buzzard Railway.  

steam trains

Leighton Buzzard Railway  

Hello Doll! For that was our trains name on this 3-mile roundtrip journey. It was drizzling and cold, so our first decision was which type of carriage to sit it, open or closed. Of course, it had to be open carriage! Isn't that all part of the joy of going out on a Bank holiday? To feel cold, get wet, and eat your lunch in the car?

Steam trains

Leighton Buzzard Railway is one of the last survivors of the narrow gauge railways that were built for industrial use in the early 20th Century. It mainly carried sand in its heyday, and since 1968 has carried passengers on the 85 minute round trip. Crossing roads and heading up steep gradients, this is no ordinary ride. You can wave at the waiting cars! Whether they wave back is another thing! 

Steam trains

Page's Park Station

Our journey took us up to Page's Park Station, where you'll find other locomotives, museum pieces, worksheds, picnic areas and a shop. Shame the weather wasn't playing ball as it would have been enjoyable to sit, eat lunch and take it all in. As it was, we looked around and hopped back on for the journey back. 

steam trains

It's a lovely distraction for a couple of hours, you see trains, you learn some history and help preserve a little slice of our recent past. It caters well for children, with plenty to keep their minds occupied (the map comes highly recommended, full of facts and activities). 

Next time you're wondering what to do, have done the local museums a thousand times, bored of sitting indoors and can't think of anything, then give Leighton Buzzard Railway a go. 

It's chuffing great! 

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