28 March 2018

shout it out for outstanding oxford street

'It's always so crowded!' 'You can't move for mustard!' 'Why, oh, why does everyone decide to come here when I'm here!' 

Sound familiar? Well, take a stroll, if that's possible, down this street and I'm sure you'll be uttering these words. For a good reason too. 

Oxford Street London

It's London's most popular shopping street, it's at the very heart of the city, is home to some of the nation's biggest department stores and delights and infuriates in equal measure.Walk down there at Christmas, and you'll see what I mean. 

Welcome to the first in our new series of 'Up Your Street'. Yes, we're going to go delve into the London edition of the Monopoly board game. Finding out about these famous streets, giving you some tips, information and reasons for visiting. Starting with my favourite colour on the board; the Greens! Or does everyone go for  the yellows or purples? Do let me know. First up...

Oxford Street

Up Your Street by Gavin Darvell

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