14 February 2018

ordinary india

If there is ever a place where 'ordinary' is the completely wrong word choice, then India may well be that place. India is a country that is not ordinary, from its landscape to its people. From the constant honk, honking of cars horns and the rickshaws and taxis driving up the wrong side of the road to the incredible food, this is a country that is; extraordinary



30 years ago! Yes, it's been that long! I set out on my first trip abroad without my family. I was 15, about to do my mock exams and headed for India. A strange new country, a place unlike any I had ever been before. That experience changed my life. Opened my eyes to the world. That was the trip where I fell in love with travel. Move forward to 2018, and I have returned. Different circumstances and new experiences.

The cars may have changed, but the rickshaws certainly haven't. The bustle of the streets is as alive as I remember, just that most people now have mobiles! This is modern day India, which still has it's foot in the past. I love it! 

Dusty roads


Away from the chaos of the highways, where 12 or more lanes of traffic often converge into two lanes. (How they do it without hitting other cars every five minutes I'll never know.) The side streets offer something very different. The dusty, bumpy roads are a feast for the eyes. Cows, pigs and dogs are sharing space with people as they go about their business. Somehow it wouldn't be right without these extremes. 

Helping others


During my stay I had the opportunity to spend some time at a school teaching, talking and eating with children from disadvantaged backgrounds (Literacy India). It was a pleasure to be in their company and see how they are gaining important skills for their futures.

I also taught them some fun tricks and we had some laughs too. These aren't ordinary children; they are extraordinary children. Talented and deserving all the success that will hopefully come their way in the years ahead. 

Ordinary India? What do you think? 


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