5 January 2018

exploring in the land of the rising sun

So how was the new year's celebrations for you? Full of alcoholic mayhem or was it a peaceful entry into 2018? Whichever way you celebrated it's time to move on and get into gear, ready for the challenges the new year will bring. Talking of the new year, we kick it off with a new ordinary series, this time celebrating all that is ordinary in Japan. 

Ordinary isn't really the right word to use when visiting Japan. For those of a western heritage, the island offers the extraordinary on virtually every street corner. Especially so when you head out of the bright lights and the big city. 

No 1: Town Centre  


It's not exactly central Tokyo, in fact, it's so far removed from the bright lights and the incessant sounds of pachinko parlours that for some it would be considered bliss! For others, it's a ghost town. Notice the tower with the speakers. It's still sending out messages to the masses. Who needs Facebook groups to keep everyone informed? 

No 2: Train Trips

Unlike most countries, you can stand next to train driver as they go about their...train driving! Makes for a great view and perhaps the ultimate train ride experience.

No 3: New Years Morning

japan new years

They call it Osechi Ryori (御節料理), and this was our version. Bare in mind that this is breakfast with sake! From shrimp, to tofu and vegetables. It's so far removed from the usual cereals and cup of tea for a hangover cure! 

We're be back with more Ordinary Japan soon as well as returning to our England version. In the meantime you can follow us on our instagram feed for more insights. 

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