4 December 2017

said the maiden: here's a health

It was a balmy autumnal evening. Too warm for a late October night, but I hardly cared. This wasn't a night to complain about the weather, it was a night to be excited, joyous, and to listen to some uplifting music and celebrate. 

If you are familiar with these pages, you will know that Said the Maiden have featured on more than the odd occasion! Here they are again, (think I need to start charging them!) Tonight was the album launch for Here's a Health. Their 2nd full-length record. On this balmy night, the world was about to hear the fruits of their labour. The venue, The Water Rats in Kings Cross, London. 

Said the Maiden at the Water Rats

This is their launch night story. Is this the first steps towards 'folk' stardom? Quite possibly. What was assured was an evening of entertainment from a group of talented musicians.

The Gig

Let's start by saying that this was not your normal Said the Maiden concert. It was to be a bass driven, harmony-laden, feast of sound. Accompanied by friends of the band, including Griff Jameson from Fred's House, the Maidens previewed tracks from the Here's a Health album along with crowd favourites and rarities. 

The partisan crowd lapped up their vocal harmonies, singing along where appropriate and enjoying the fuller sound created by the accompanying musicians. It skipped along at a fluid pace, never overdoing the different styles they play.

Said the Maiden album launch at the water rats

It was a tremendous evening, full of mirth and rich folk sounds. The Maidens were in superb form and rightly took the acclaim that came their way. This gig at the Water Rats was part of a month-long nationwide tour, their first, and was the accumulation of an incredible year that has taken in concerts in Germany and Portugal. 

So what of their new album? 

Here's a Health 

Said the Maiden - Here's a Health

Said the Maiden's second album sees them spreading their wings. Along with their signature vocal harmonies, the group give added depth to tracks with double bass, banjo, mandolin and an Appalachian mountain dulcimer. The Maid of the Mill, a personal highlight perhaps hints at their future direction? With a mix of self-penned and traditional tunes, you are in for a folk-flavoured treat. Don't be fooled by the album's sweet, Spring sounding beginnings! There are death and despair mentioned throughout these songs. Black Annis the perfect example, a 'skin' dress anyone!? What is clear is that the band have taken their songs to a new level, building on the live sound they have developed. It's a little bit of classic traditional folk in a world full of dull beeps and voice enhancing vocoders! 

Looking for a Christmas gift? Then you could do far worse than purchasing Here's a Health, and why not make 2018 the year you check them out live? 

To purchase the album and for more information visit - www.saidthemaiden.co.uk 

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