8 December 2017

revealing the secrets of awesome england

fairground carousel

It's starting to look at lot like Christmas. So it should with it being just around the corner! Welcome to our second helping of Ordinary England posts. Our new series where we try to find the extraordinary in the ordinary. This month we head up high, go around and around and look at some graves! 

1. Up High


Best city in the world? Quite possibly. Although I'm sure, many would argue it isn't. London may be overcast and grey for most days of the year, but with so much to see and do who cares?

With the old and new mingling harmoniously, and the streets happy to reveal many hidden treasures, it's no wonder I keep returning to it in pictures and posts.

2. Round and Round Again

ordinary england

Ok, so I'm going against my Ordinary England principles and doing this one in colour! Christmas is coming up fast and across the country, towns and villages are holding fairs and themed evenings. 

Colour, christmas carols, rides and the gentle whiff of mulled wine and sausages mix with cheerful Christmas shoppers and over-excited kids. Oh, what fun! It's certainly a most wonderful time of the year. 

3. A Grave Experience 

ordinary england

There aren't many places where you can find a bit of peace and tranquillity in our noisy world. The toilet perhaps? A village church however is such place. Often hidden away, always peaceful, they make great lunchtime spot for a few moments away from a computer screen. A place to listen to the birds sing and to assess our everyday life. 

Now relax!

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