21 July 2017

british holiday habits

Don't Forget Your Teabags! 

It is a known fact that us Brits love to travel. According to the Office for National Statistics; 65.7 million trips were taken abroad in 2015! We've been a travelling nation for centuries, it's part of our makeup and long may we continue to travel, explore and discover. 

What are your habits when it comes to travelling? What do you take with you that is essential and you can't live without? Taking it to the point that it has to be packed into that suitcase. Teabags? Biscuits? Sweets? Where do you prefer to go? Beach? Countryside? City break? What home comforts do you miss? We British can be an odd bunch! Here's an example.

I've been fortunate to have lived abroad and travelled a fair amount. Guess what I missed the most when I went travelling? Teabags,  Sainsbury Red Box variety!, and Crisps, especially Walkers Salt and Vinegar crisps. I'd get them sent out to me or if people visited I'd ask them to bring packets with them. 

So what are us British like when we holiday? Where do we go? 

In association with Panoramic Villas, content and SEO specialist Adam Chapman asked if I'd share the following information. So sit back and discover British holiday habits.

British Holiday Habits

So there we are, some surprising statistics for you to ponder or perhaps argue about. Notice the Teabags statistic? My thanks to Adam for providing the infographic. I hope you enjoyed and please let us know your holiday habits.


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