20 March 2017

travel trumps guide to st albans

Travel Trumps: City Series

Welcome to the first in the City Series of Travel Trumps. To begin we've visited the closest city to our home; St Albans. Set in the commuter belt land of Southern Hertfordshire, the city is only 30 minutes outside London but is barely mentioned in travel guides or for that matter visited. 

That's a shame, as this is a city which offers delights on every street corner. The UK's oldest pub, check. A majestic Cathedral, check. Restaurants, bars, cafes, check. Beautiful parks, Roman relics, check. So the next time you're heading South or visiting our shores, you'd be silly not to add a day trip or stopover here. 

Would you like to be featured?

Are you a restaurant, visitor attraction, cafe or any travel related business? Would you like to be Travel Trumped? If so why not get in touch. As we develop this series we will head into different areas, not just destinations. That's the idea! 

Many thanks as always for your support. 

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