30 December 2016

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Review of the 2016

Well that's been one heck of a year hasn't it? To be honest, and I'm sure there are many of you who feel the same, its quite nice to say "good riddance" to it. Let's hope that 2017 will be a better year, full of hope, and success. From a Sketches point of view it has been an incredible year. The blog has continued to grow, through your support, and my ideas are flowing, hence we've got plenty in the tank for next year!  For our final post of the year we pick out the best bits, or my favourite articles. There were many I haven't included, such as the interviews with three folk musicians; Alison Reynolds, Matthew Shepherd and Kelly Oliver. My thanks to them for their patience and willingness to be interviewed. Also my new series Beyond the Back Garden, but more of that next year. 

I'd also like to take this opportunity to say, 

"Thank You"

to everyone for their support, wherever you are. From Russia to Brazil, America to Germany, Israel to Japan, I'm eternally grateful for your readership. So in no particular order here are Sketches in Travel's best bits.

From Venice to Vienna - all pictures by the author 

Travel - Europe 

Although our travelling was mainly confined to UK shores, (no bad thing), we did managed to venture into Europe twice, Italy and Austria to be precise. Taking in Venice and the Tuscan capital of Florence (Firenze) and Vienna. Beautiful cities for very different reasons. Each are packed full of history, grand buildings, art and culture. Great coffee, wonderful food and exciting attractions. Click on the links to read more and see why I thought this.

Venice  - Walking the Streets of Venice 
FlorenceFlorence Bound 
ViennaA little Guide to Vienna 

So where we will travel to next year? Who knows but you can be certain that adventures will be had, delicious food eaten and one or two photos taken. 

Exploring England 

Back in the UK three areas featured. London with our Walk the.. series, Swanage and The Cotswolds, in particular Stroud and Gloucester. They were a lot of fun to write and a particular highlight was walking the Laurie Lee Way, near Stroud. The weather was perfect, the scenery stunning, and it brought home the joys of his book and the countryside it was set in. See below the picture for links to those posts. 

looking at london
London - all pictures by the author 

The Walk the series....

London featured prominently in my posts this year. Especially with a new series of posts called Walk the.. I wanted to see London from a different perspective, so what better way than walking it! The three featured to date take in mainly the central district, although the South Bank walk did head down to Greenwich. No better way to see the city in my opinion. Links below. 

Walk the... Circle line 
Walk the... South Bank 
Walk the... Shopping Streets

As mentioned before we headed West and South, taking in some of the very best scenery our fair country has to offer. The weather was fabulous, (we do get good weather sometimes!) Making for wonderful excursions. Trust me by tapping below.

Gloucester... A day out in Gloucester
Stroud... Stroud
Swanage... Why you need to go to Swanage now

The UK has so much to offer, whatever the weather. In 2017 we're going to make sure we continue to discover and enjoy what our own backyard can offer. 

Swanage, Corfe and Gloucester - all photos by the author 

Thank You, Whoever you are 

So that's it for another year. Tremendous travels for sure. I think what this year has demonstrated is that you don't have to visit exotic places and be travelling all the time to have great experiences. Day trips are just as valid as longer vacations. Perhaps we all need to look around our local areas more, see what we have to offer as much as another country? 

Well onto a new year. Arnold will return, as will our new character Sidney. Beyond the Back Garden will develop, and Walk the.. series has some adventures lined up.  Onwards we go...continuing to create Sketches in Travel

Happy traveling everyone and may I wish everyone a great 2017.

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