22 December 2016

proudly introducing you to next years exciting sketches project

Sidney the Squirrel 

Let me introduce you to someone who is going to become a huge part of my life, and hopefully yours in 2017. Sidney is a new character that takes centre stage in a story that will be released next year. Whether its in book form or another format, Sidney is coming and you'll be able to follow his development here. We have no publisher to date, so its a personal journey, that whatever the outcome, will be a life affirming and enjoyable ride. 


The image (well the sneaky peek at it!) is a glimpse of a rough squirrel sketch that will become Sidney. This is a collaboration with artist Emma Shepherd (she did the artwork for her brother, Matthew Shepherd's By the Sea EP, which I featured in a post in the summer.) She will be bringing the story to life through her wonderful artwork. 

Its a project that is really exciting us both, and we wanted to wet your appetite with a glimpse at the early stages of its development. Then from time to time we're update you on the books progress. The story is written, perhaps needing some more editing and Emma is working her magic on turning this sketch into the first of the many images that will be used in the book. Hopefully we're be able to give you a preview soon. 

Reasons for Sidney

Why am I introducing Sidney to you now? Well we're going to get serious, and personal for a moment. This year has seen a dramatic change in my life, my thoughts and my outlook on life. The way I write too. I had never really suffered from anxiety or depression before, well I didn't think so anyway. Having experienced it now, I can say its truly horrible. Writing has become my release, from trying to improve this blog, and the stories I've been working on. They have helped me through the dark days and the pain. I feel more inspired now than ever before, and Sidney is the next step on that creative path. I wanted to write a story for my son, this will be that story. 

Follow the Journey 

So at various points throughout the creative process we're be giving you snippets of Sidney's development and what is happening with the book, the publishing etc. Call it our version of Pledge Music, without the pledge! We're show you some of the writing, and the artwork. I do hope you're be a part of this process? 

So look out 2017, Sidney is on the way. May I also take this moment to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. You're amazing.


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