2 December 2016

arnold 5

arnoldThe Never Ending Bed

"Time for bed young man," Mrs P. stated that evening. 

The events of the day had really taken their toll on young Arnold. Rubbish hippies and teachers with bad teeth were just about all he could handle in 24 hours! Although he was feeling much better, there was still a sense that not all had returned to normal. He felt like he could sleep for a week and mum wasn't best pleased with him!

Arnold opened the bedroom door and looked up at his vast bed. With Arnold being relatively short for a 5-year-old, everything seemed large, including his bed. He would always climb in at the bottom and work his way up to find his comfortable pillow. On this occasion, the bed appeared extra especially large, and as he climbed in he could see many tunnels leading off in different directions ahead, dark and menacing. He had so many choices. He looked left and right, forward and behind. 

"Which tunnel?" he said aloud. 

After some deliberation, he chose to head down the left tunnel. He crawled slowly into the darkness. Wondering what he would find at the end? A monster? A spider? Perhaps even Terry the hippy or Miss Jones's teeth!? He was about to discover. 

He crawled a little further, certain he could see small yellow piercing eyes staring at him. A little shiver went down the back of his spine. He was reluctant to go that way so turned to go back, discovering there were now three new tunnels to head down!

"What now?" Arnold thought. Try one of the three new tunnels? Although where would they lead? Decisions, decisions? He had no option and turned again to head towards the piercing eyes. 

He drew closer and closer, the tunnel becoming brighter as he approached a white screen of light, the eyes had thankfully disappeared. He popped his head out of the hole, discovering that he was halfway up his bed. Far below on the carpet, he could see yesterday's underpants, lying next to a pair of smelly socks, its smell rising to greet him. He then looked left and right, his bedroom door far in the distance. 

Suddenly he felt something brush his toes. He giggled a little but was also a little afraid. Again he felt the tingly feeling on his toes. Arnold had to be brave, so quickly went back under the covers to confront this new foe. He found nothing. Just a number of dark tunnels heading off in all directions. He must have imagined it? 

On he crawled, deeper and deeper into his bed, turning this way and that as each new tunnel came into view. After a short time, he could see light far ahead. This time the light was brighter, and he could see there was a large boulder-like object. Up the tunnel he crawled, suddenly arriving into the light. Ahead the boulder had become his pillow, and on the left his favourite teddy bear. Sitting there, smiling at him. His journey had ended in the never ending bed.

"You've made your bed a complete mess," Mrs P stated as she entered his room. "What have you been doing?" Re-arranging the covers and tucking Arnold in, giving him a big sloppy kiss for good measure. Arnold smiled back, clearly, all had been forgiven, life was back to normal. Or was it!?

Arnold will return in 2017 with the second half of his adventures. So please keep a look out. Until then I hope you have enjoyed these tales? If so, please leave a comment it would be most welcome, oh and thank you as always for your support. You are amazing. 


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