29 November 2016

arnold 2

Apple Pie


It was dinner time at Arnold's' house on the corner. He had already munched his way through his mini steak and chips, and was waiting in anticipation for his pudding. Arnold loved his pudding, always gobbling it down, often leaving a mess on the dining table. He was rolling his spoon around on the kitchen table surface, his mind on the pudding to come. Sometimes the puddings he didn't much like (and they were few), would start to taunt him. They would sing and shout, telling him to eat them, even though he didn't like it. This would especially happen with Apple Pie

Arnold hated apple pie. For that reason they were especially nasty to him, unfortunately tonight he was having, apple pie! Mrs P. placed the freshly made pie in front of him, and before he could turn his nose up at them and push the plate away, the apple pie started talking to him. It's lid opening as a mouth.

"Hello Arnold, its pudding time! Eat me, eat me, ha ha ha," it sang. 
"Go away. I don't like you." He whispered. Arnold turned to mum. "Mum I don't like apple pie, its taunting me!"

Mrs P turned from her washing and in her soft patient tone she replied. 'Just eat it!'
"But Mum, I hate apple pie!"
"Eat!" Mum replied, her tone with a hint of anger.
"You will eat me! Mum, mum, Arnold's not eating me, ha, ha."
"Stop it, stop it. I'll never eat you," Arnold whispered in reply. His voice a little louder this time.

"ARNOLD!" Mrs P shouted. "Stop talking to yourself and eat your pie, NOW."
"Ok, Mum," Arnold said meekly.

He was about to put the pie in his mouth when his older brother Alan burst through the kitchen door and plonked himself on a chair. He ran his hands through his greasy hair and noticed that Arnold was whispering to an apple pie. 

"Who are you talking to squirt?" Alan's voice sounded neither high pitched or deep toned. He was heading into his teenage years. 

"Arnold, Arnold. Your brother's voice is breaking. You think it's funny, don't you Arnold." The apple pie sang once more. "Alan", the pie screamed, "Arnold thinks your voice sounds strange, and he thinks you've got a big nose too, ha, ha, ha." 
"Stop it," Arnold screamed.
"Stop what? Squirt," Alan responded.
"The apple pie has been making fun of you. It said that your voice sounds funny and that you have a big nose. It's trying to wind you up and blame me"
"Said what? You're weird Arnold, just weird." Alan exclaimed, his voice more high pitched than normal. "I'm not going to waste my time talking to strange little kids like you. I have a date with Suzie to think about."
"Who's Suzie?" Arnold asked.
"Alan's got a spotty girlfriend," the apple pie sang.
"Mum, please tell this apple pie to stop. He's driving me mad!"

The situation was driving Mrs P. mad. What with a 5 year old boy talking to apple pies and a teenager whose voice was breaking and already thinking about date nights with girls. She turned and gave Arnold a stare, that was clearly implying him to shove the apple pie in his mouth!

'This is fun, isn't it Arnold?' The apple pie screamed in delight. 

Arnold decided that enough was enough. He wasn't going to get the blame or a punch from his brother. So although this was going to be very tough, he closed his eyes, opened his mouth and in one huge gulp he put the pie into his mouth. Down it went, still singing and laughing as Arnold started to chew. Thankfully the ordeal was over, the pie had stopped singing. He jumped down from his chair and was about to go and play when Mrs P, turned to the boys and told them something that was to ruin their day.

"By the way Arnold. Terry will be babysitting you tomorrow night. Your father and I are out at Mavis's for dinner."

Arnold's misery was complete. Having just endured eating the horrible apple pie, now the news that Terry, the hippy who lived next door was going to babysit him. He turned and dragged his feet across the floor. Knowing what impending doom was to greet him when Terry would knock on the door tomorrow evening. Alan turned to Mrs P.

"Whats wrong with him?" Alan asked.
"It's Terry, he'll have to sit and listen to him going on about Prog rock music and such like."
"Ah," Alan replied. "Impending doom indeed!" He stated. 


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