28 June 2016

pre-vacation checklist

At Home 
You are about to head off on your summer vacation. Sun, sand and the sea awaits. Oh and perhaps some Sangria! The excitement of the holiday is perfectly clear to all you decide to tell via the various social media channels. Perhaps best not to do that unless you want the world to know you're away! You've also bought the new outfits, shoes and accessories, and hopefully you've also followed our little guide to safer travel, (click on the link for more) A little guide to safe travel. So you're ready to go, but before the big departure its worth remembering you need to make sure your home is safe too. 

Sketches has collaborated with Simplisafe, who provide wireless security systems to keep the house safe whilst you're having fun abroad. (If you'd like to learn more about these systems or the company, then click on the red links.) Simplisafe have kindly allowed me to attach their pre-vacation checklist in this post. By following their advice you'll be able to head for that airport feeling more than secure and ready for that important holiday. 

Infograph courtesy of SimpliSafe 

Keeping Safe 
Once again its not rocket science, but its such an important part of the whole holiday process, so I hope you've found this post useful? Keeping safe is paramount when travelling and keeping the house secure is just as vital. Its the little things like the pre-vacation checklist and the advice I gave in our previous post that can give you peace of mind. So enjoy your travels and stay safe. 

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