26 June 2016

a little guide to safe traveling

Keeping Safe
Every travellers nightmare is that moment when you know you had something; money, a valuable procession, camera, ipod ect and then all of a sudden you can't find it. Panic takes over, you scramble around searching your suitcase or backpack, throwing your clothes on the bed or floor, including those smelly socks you forgot to wash! Sometimes you'll find it, tucked away amongst dirty washing or at the bottom of your makeup bag, for some it's nowhere, gone, never to be seen again. 

It doesn't matter whether you are a backpacker, leisure traveller, a family with screaming children in tow or on a business trip. Keeping your processions safe is a concern for everyone. So with the holiday season fast approaching, Sketches gives you a little guide on how to keep your belongings safe on your next adventure. 

a little guide

Have a safe journey
So there you go, perhaps obvious tips but still its important to remember, as we can all get a little complacent when we travel. Well its all about having fun isn't it? I'd love to hear if you have some tips of your own. Lets share and most importantly be safe. Happy travelling.

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