8 May 2016

travel doodles #4

Isn't Spring such an uplifting season? The whites, blues, purples, pinks, greens and yellows are now prominent throughout the UK landscape. Its these said colours that have inspired us to jot /sketch a few of them. As always with Sketches they are doodles and not finished pieces of work. That said I hope they do at least give you some idea of what the countryside is offering up at the moment. Made all the more special by such fabulous weather! Probably about to change now I've said that. 

The Dandelion 
If there is one aspect of the UK countryside I am rightfully proud about it has to be our hedgerows! They are what defines are countryside. They shape the landscape, care for our wildlife. Look closer at them and there is so much beauty to discover, including the little flower illustrated below. Spring is when the blackthorn bloom and they really are lovely little flowers. Whether I've managed to capture that I'll let you decide. So what are you waiting for? Head out and discover some hedges and their hidden beauty. Happy hedge hunting! 



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