4 April 2016

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Cappuccinos and cafes - Italian Diaries Part 5


Is there a better way to reflect on a trip than sipping a cappuccino in the sunshine at a quiet cafe in the heart of Florence? I'll let you ponder that one. Although this is a review of March its also the conclusion to our Italian Diaries, and what a trip its been. Culture, history and some good food. New cities explored and far too many espressos consumed. What fun has been had though. So firstly we take a final peek at Florence, the city of chic and the Renaissance movement before summing up our eventful March.

When you have a couple of hours spare before being transported back to a cloudy England (as it turned out) a whistle stop tour of the city was required. Stopping briefly for mentioned cappuccino. I decided to concentrate on the statues and buildings, rather than the shops. So it was with no particular agenda we "wondered" around the streets. Florence has some amazing architecture, but it was the Roman figures that adorn many of the squares and the entrances to churches and museums that really caught my eye. Powerful figures, showing their dominance and in many cases manhood! They are incredibly striking; the figures not their manhood. The precision is something to behold. You could easily stare at them for hours, working out the story or their significance. If time and queuing patience had allowed we would have explored the famous Renaissance masterpieces of the Uffizi Gallery (next time for sure.) But time was short. 


If you had to sum up Florence then you would probably say its a city for art and culture vultures. When wandering the streets you are in awe at its beauty, the buildings, the sculptures and the fact that everyone looks so chic! Puts me to shame anyway. I was walking around in t-shirt and scruffy shoes! You need a good couple of days to really explore it before you should head out either into the Tuscan hills or visit other cities in the region. I loved it and hope to return for more exploration in the future. Ciao Italy; for now. You are truly a magnificent country to visit.  

Inside the Cupola
The Best of March
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