17 April 2016

one reason to get out and about this april

April has well and truly arrived. A bit like an express train! Where is the year going? Here in the UK the weather has warmed up just a little and the hint of Spring we had in March has now fully arrived, all be it with plenty of rain showers. The clocks recently went forward too, so with the evening light lasting longer its now a great time to start getting out and about. So this month Sketches gives you just one reason to head out and about this April.


B is for Bluebells - Yes its that time of year when our woodlands turn a shade of blue or is it purple? So why not take a walk into your local wood and see these most beautiful of flowers. They've just started so you'll have a few weeks to see them. Last year Sketches did a post on bluebells calling for people to enjoy them by having picnics, with the hashtag #bluebellparties. Similar to the way the Japanese celebrate the Sakura season. So why not give it a try? Although please be careful not to damage these flowers. Just enjoy them. Oh if you would like to read the original article here is the link, enjoy Bluebells Forever

Bluebell parties 
So what are you waiting for? If you're visiting the UK in the next few weeks, visit one of London's main parks. Or if venturing further afield, say into the countryside, you're certainly get a glimpse of them. 

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