10 April 2016

4 tips to help you pack for a trip

We have a guest post this week from journalist Jose Gonzalez. So want to know some key tips to packing for your next trip? Over to Jose to explain.
Why does one travel? Is it to seek solitude? Is it to find oneself? There can be many reasons. But, one thing that is common to all travel is packing. You cannot be comfortable unless you learn to pack things the right way. Imagine being on the airport to some foreign land and it takes you 5 minutes to locate your passport. It would not only be embarrassing but also look suspicious. And with how the things are these days, you do not want to make the LEAs suspicious on an airport.
So, what can you do to avoid any such fate? The answer is quite simple: learn to pack efficiently. This is especially the case when your trip involves hiking or camping. There is a bare minimum that you need. Firstly a tough backpack, which can house some toiletries, emergency supplies and your sleeping bag. This is followed by a good pair of sneakers to get you through the rough and tough. We would recommend something from The North Face or similar, you can use these North Face coupons to bring down the prices. The toiletries should be in a sealed plastic bag, to protect the other items in case of any leakages.
Weight management is of absolute importance. You want to stay comfortable, but if you are supposed to be carrying the stuff on your back, then we would suggest keeping the weight to a bare minimum. If the initial part involves an airport, it may be beneficial to include a vertical trolley bag. And if you plan to make some pit stops and do some shopping at the destinations, then remember to have some extra space for all the souvenirs you will buy.

There is a whole methodology to packing efficiently. We have compiled it in detail in the following infographic. So, enjoy your travel and thank us later.



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