11 March 2016

travel doodles #3

Bird watching

The Sparrow
We're certainly into Spring mode, and what better way to enjoy this most beautiful of seasons than perhaps a bit of bird watching? A sure sign that Spring has arrived. We have a bird feeder in our garden and its so nice to occasionally just stare out the window and watch the birds go about their business. On the one hand its very therapeutic and on the other its a wonderful way to let your mind wonder and forget about the worries and troubles in our daily routines. 

Although the variety of birds to our feeder is not extensive, there's always a brief moment of excitement when something other than a Sparrow or Robin appears. Greenfinch? Blue tit? Spring is also the time when our overseas visitors return, so now is as good a time as any to do a bit of nature watching. It's cheap to do, relaxing and also a great way to pass those moments when you want to clear the mind. And you never know, if you really enjoy it there are plenty of opportunities to take it further. Local woodlands and nature reserve for instance. So why not welcome the birds into your space and enjoy nature going about its business, whilst you go about yours?

Happy bird watching everyone!  

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