8 March 2016

5 reasons to get out and about this march

Spring has arrived, just about! And with the Easter holiday looming it really is time to get out and about. Stretch those legs and wipe the winter blues away. Although we are already some way into March, where does the time go? There's still plenty coming up to enjoy. So in no particular order hopefully there is something for everyone in this months choices. 
The Colour of Spring
E is for Easter Egg - What better way to kick start the Easter period than a bit of an Easter Egg hunt? We often feature the National Trust in these posts and numerous properties have hunts to suit young and old. Click on the link for more details Easter events. Complete the trail and bag yourself an Easter egg, whilst also experiencing some of the UK's wonderful countryside and the early signs of Spring. Daffodils and snowdrops aplenty. Eggcellent! 

P is for St Patrick's Day - Known around the globe, St Patrick's Day its always worth checking out. There's bound to be an event in your local area related to this most celebrated of saints days. So why not join in the fun and raise a glass of Guinness or three to the Emerald Isles. 

F is for Fundays! - The middle of March is when many of the UK's major attractions open their doors after the winter hiatus. If you're a theme park fan then the fun begins. Thorpe Park open their doors from March 17th and Alton Towers on the 19th. Many other UK theme parks and attractions will be doing the same so you'll have plenty of days out to choose from.

TD is for Tichborne Dole -  In the village of Tichborne in Hampshire, England an 800 year old tradition remains in place to this very day. On the 25th March (Ladys Day) the local villagers are given a gallon of dole (flour) that has been blessed by the parish priest. It's origins date back to Sir Roger Tichborne and his wife Mabella. She had a crippling disease and wanted to donate something to the poor each year. If he or his future heirs didn't then the family would be cursed! Hence why the tradition still stands today. So why not seek out the village and watch this most ancient of traditions unfold. 

S is for Something Different! - March 13th is Ear Muff Day! Yes celebrate all that is wonderful about the ear muff. Why not head out for a bracing seafront walk; wearing your ear muffs. Or perhaps check out the daffodils in your local park; wearing your ear muffs. Now where did I put mine?

So there we go, a few bits and pieces for you to get your teeth into. Whether visiting these shores over the Easter Period or if you're already a resident here, counting the days till the clocks go back and the sun (when it shines) gently warm us up! Now is the time to start having some Spring time fun.

If you have any suggestions that please drop us a comment, would be great to hear from you. Until the next time...happy March! 


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