12 February 2016

travel doodles #2

Around My Place
"The Well"
How often do you actually take in what your city, town, village or hamlet has to offer? Its main feature say. I was thinking about this on a recent walk around our village and so with that as my inspiration this month's travel doodle comes from the very heart of where I live. 

Our village is a mix of the old and the new. Old pubs and shops to 20th century housing estates. At it's centre though is an old water well. Now acting as an intersection in the road, but preserved for all to enjoy. The hole has been concreted in so it has lost some of its charm however its structure remains, reminding us of times past.

So what is our call to action this time? Well simple really. When you have a moment, take the time to go out and venture around your town. I'm sure there is something there waiting to be discovered and it might just surprise you. Happy hunting.

Competition time
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So for the first 20 readers we'll give you a free app of your next destination of choice. All you need to do is comment on the post about a landmark in your city or town and also tell us which destination you are travelling to next, and i'll send you the app code, for your destination, for free! 

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