15 January 2016

travel doodles #1

"Empire Records" 
A doodle or drawing can speak a thousand words! Well hopefully it can? In a new feature Sketches has decided to do a short post each month that features a doodle and the story behind the picture. Call it a way to flex those creative juices, perhaps raise debate and above all look at travel and all that it entails from a slightly different viewpoint. So first up a record shop!

Empire Records
This is a small independent record shop in the heart of the ancient city of St Albans in Hertfordshire, England. It's tucked away in a corner of a small shopping area, close to the cathedral. So although not easy to find, you won't be disappointed when you do. This little gem of a shop is perhaps among only a few independent record shops still going in that region. A crying shame really as there is so much pleasure in browsing through old records. Vinyl is king in this store, so a specialists haven.  
"Hannah's Violin" 
Last weekend this mecca to the vinyl was turned into a music venue. If you have been following recent posts you will know that I've been championing the folk group Said the Maiden. The shop was the launch site of their new EP 'Of maids and mariners'. The group played a short set (wonderfully performed), showcasing the new songs and some older numbers from their back catalog. The setting was perfect and it was a pleasure to be there. 

Being in a small space really highlighted the wonder of live, intimate performances and showed that real talent exists beyond the glitz of TV shows. All hail to that I say...


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