22 January 2016

short stories

The Cat that didn't have nine lives

Some years back I wrote a number of silly short stories and called the book "The Hippopotamus". Some of those stories went down well with those that read them. So as we are having a bit of fun this January with our posts on Sketches, we thought why not publish some of them for your viewing pleasure. So first up is probably the most popular. The Cat that didn't have nine lives. I hope you enjoy and please leave a comment. 

Ginger was a black tabby cat.
He was small and had lots of fur.
Anyone who visited him said how lovely he looked, and he used to get fed the most wonderful food. He was a well loved cat. 
Every now and then he would wander off to explore.
On one such occasion he got lost. 
His family presumed him lost forever.
One year later he found his way back home only to discover that a motorway had been built on his house and the family had been relocated.
Not realizing what a motorway was he tried to cross the road. 
Unfortunately he got knocked over by a 10 ton truck!
Somehow Ginger hadn't been given nine lives! 

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