8 January 2016

of maids and mariners

Fair Maidens - Said the Maiden Interview Part 3
A few weeks ago we featured the folk trio Said the Maiden and mentioned that they were about to release their new EP 'Of Maids and Mariners'. This week sees that release and Sketches has caught up with the band to talk about the release and also the trials and tribulations of touring and what's ahead in the coming year. So I hope you enjoy our insight into the life of an aspiring and talented folk group. 

Said the Maiden by Garry Collar
Festival Fever
The buzz of playing live is surely one of the main reasons most bands exist. Said the Maiden are certainly no exception when it comes to this as they play live regularly from folk clubs to cafe / bars and festivals. Before the turn of the year they played at the Great British Folk Festival in the seaside town of Skegness. This is probably the last major music festival held in the UK and is certainly a big deal in the folk music scene of Britain. It just so happens that Said the Maidens' 30 minute set went down a storm.

And as a consequence they have been invited back to play on one of the main stages in 2016. This means they will be on the same stage as some well established acts such as Billy Bragg (who headlined in 2015). So with a guaranteed slot at that festival and a number of other festivals already booked as well as folk club appearances for the coming year the touring calendar is filling up.

So do The Maidens enjoy touring? It was an resounding yes. Tiredness being the only downside it seems. Well when you are traveling to different corners of the country and holding down a full time job its not hard to see why tiredness would be an issue. Within the folk world its not unusual for an act when touring to stay over at an organizer or volunteers house. No posh hotels for these Maidens! On the whole people are very accommodating and welcoming. And the group were quick to point out that its these people that make touring so special. So although they currently don't do a string of dates. It's mainly one-off gigs, touring is at the heart of this band. 

'Of Maids and Mariners'
This coming Sunday (January 10th) sees the band officially launch their new EP 'Of Maids and Mariners'. The main song can be heard below. The event is being held at 1pm at an independent record shop (Empire Records) in the ancient Hertfordshire town of St Albans. As well as launching the EP they will be playing a live set, and the event is free! So if you are in the area, then why not pop along and witness an intimate gig. Sketches will be there to cover it and will feature a post next week. 

The Next Step
After the launch the band have a new and exciting project coming up in the Spring. Along with a number of other folk musicians; including some well know acts, the group are going to be a part of a "super group" called The Company of Players. For a week they are staying in a house in the Peak District and jamming. What will come out is anyone's guess at the moment; a single? an album? That we will have to wait and see. What its shows is that the band is ambitious and looking to spread their wings into new ventures. To find out more then please go to their page which is given here (The Company of Players). 

Said the Maiden
There is no doubting the commitment Hannah, Jess and Kathy give to their craft. When you speak with them it's very clear that they are extremely passionate about what they do and are very conscious about the direction they want to take. Hard graft, many hours of travel and real dedication are the words that string to mind. It is for these reasons that we need to support them and others like them. All hail The Maidens and may they reap the success they richly deserve. If you would like to know more about them then please click on the link http://www.saidthemaiden.co.uk/

I need to take this opportunity to thank Said the Maiden (Hannah, Jess and Kathy) for their time and patience. It's been an honour to work with them.   

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