5 January 2016

5 reasons to get out and about this january

If there is any month that you should really get out and about, then January is that month. The excesses of the festive period have long gone and now is the time to burn those calories off, get the head clear and start those New Year Resolutions. If you are familiar with our monthly posts you will know that the reasons are well within your own reach. So lets get out there and see what January throws at us.  

Head out for a bracing winter walk

T is for Theatre - January is low season for the theatre world and its the time to find some bargains. You'll have to hunt for them but the following website may help. So time to pick your favourite musical or play and head to the West End of London for a magical experience. The sight Get into London Theatre is a great place to have a browse. Follow the link for more http://www.getintolondontheatre.co.uk/

B is for Boat - An annual fixture that seems to have been etched upon me is the London Boat Show (mainly due to the wonderful cartoonist Giles who would often feature it in his annuals), held at the Excel Centre in the heart of the Docklands. Running from the 8th - 17th you can indulge yourself in all things marine and dream of taking that yacht around the Med or in the Caribbean.    

W is for Walks - What better way to burn off the Christmas excesses than a winter stroll? If the weather allows then why not enjoy a bracing winter walk, taking in perhaps a visit to the pub for a warm winter brew. It's a reoccurring theme on Sketches but its the best way to really experience the UK and see our wonderful countryside. And if the weather is bright and crisp it will just add to the experience. 

"A winters day" by the author 
S is for Star Gazing: In the mid winter there are many nights when the skies clear and we get the chance to see the beautiful night sky. There's plenty going on and what with Tim Peake (the first UK astronaut to be based on the International Space Station) currently hurtling around the globe, now is as good as any to do some night viewing. What better way to appreciate the beauty of space with a little late night peek?  

S is for Shopping - Sales, sales, sales. Walk around any high street or shopping centre and every shop will be tempting you to part with your cash. So why not turn them into a tourist experience? Selfridges is a great place to wonder, Harrods and Liberty also vie for your attention. They are as much a tourist attraction as a shop to spend your money in. 

Inside Selfridges
January is often seen as a quiet month, certainly seems to be here in the UK. The weather isn't the greatest to start with and many of us are getting over the festive excesses. That shouldn't stop you from at least venturing out a little and doing some free activities, looking up at the stars, go for a walk or look for a bargain. And if visiting the UK it's a great time to sample the culture, without the crowds. So lets get out and about....enjoy! 

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