24 November 2015

taste of london food festival

Taste of London Winter Food Festival - Travel Diaries: November 2015
When the opportunity arises to go and taste some of the UK's best independent produce, whether that be food or drink, its very hard to refuse. Having been given some complimentary tickets by the good people of Swig Luxury Flasks we headed up to the wonderfully named Tobacco Dock near Shadwell in London and the Taste of London Festive Festival

Taste of London Festival at Tobacco Dock

At Tobacco Docks
Once inside you immediately feel you are in a warm and comforting environment. Gentle lights glow, stoves are cooking up wonderful smells and aromas, bricked tunnels lead you into exhibition halls, bars and show areas. There are DJ's and live bands also performing. Oh and there are a lot of people! On arrival you are presented with a number of different ticketing options depending on your preference, including a champagne one, (we didn't have that option, but no matter.) To taste some of the great food or micro brewery beers or ciders you have to purchase tokens. These come in books of 10 with £1 representing one token. Once you have made these decisions then it's time to wonder and get tasting. 

Taste of the World
As you wonder around there are a number of showcase stands or should that be performance areas? Some of the UK's Top chefs show their skills, and around these areas is where you can use your tokens to try out some of their dishes and beverages. Typically in tapas size, you are looking at about 5 tokens for a dish. The picture of the burgers is a prime example. 

taste of london festival
Pulled Beef Burgers from one of the many tasting stalls
If however you are on a limited budget you can wonder around the company display stands and sample everything from chocolates, cakes, cheese, wine and whisky to chili sauces and coffee. You can then purchase products at much reduced prices. Everyone it seems is a winner here. What is noticeable when wondering around is that our food industry seems to be in a healthy place. It's so good to see that local produce from around the UK is not only being successful but also that the flavours of their products taste so good. Who said British cuisine was bad? 

Taste of London
For a first time visitor, the Taste of London festival was a great experience. The venue really helped to give it an authentic, almost rustic feel. Much better than say in a nondescript exhibition hall. It has a friendly atmosphere and is a great way to get a flavour of what this rising industry is all about and also why it should be supported. So if you have the chance to go there next time then please check out this wonderful foodie festival. It seems they have seasonal exhibitions so there is plenty of chance to catch it.   

Have you been to the Taste of London Festival? Where you there this year? Then why not let us know what you thought about it by any of the social media buttons at the top of the post. 


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