10 November 2015


Are Cud the most travel influenced band in the world?

Bands travel the globe to sing about love, heartbreak and just about anything else inbetween. And we all lap it up. So what about a band that sang about all these things and perhaps, more relevant with a travel blog; travel. Well Cud could well be that band. In the late 1980's to the mid 90's this four piece combo brought their guitar driven, dancable tunes to the masses. Although not as well known as other indie bands of the 1990's, they produced a wonderful array of songs that have lived with me and many others ever since. When I heard their song "Oh no won't do" recently I just felt I was being taken on a world tour. From Madagascar to Buenos Aires. Santiago to East Anglia (a region of the Uk). Quite a feat in two and a half minutes. 

Cud, it seems enjoy singing about travel. Other travel related titles from their back catalogue include Spanish Love Song, (Only) A Prawn in Whitby, Carl's 115th Coach Trip Nightmare and When in Rome, Kill Me. They recently reformed and were on their travels again with the wonderful new song; Mexico.

So there we are. Are Cud the world's most travel related band?
Quite possibily. Perhaps you know of others? If so, then please share them so we can build up a travel map of songs from around the world. I also hope you will take a moment to dig further into the repertoire this band has produced. It's jolly, fun, danceable and a wonderful listen. All hail Cud....Now I really must visit Mexico.

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