4 November 2015

5 reasons to get out and about this november

The weather has turned, the clocks have gone back and darkness is upon us like a unwelcome blanket on a muggy summers night. That shouldn't however stop you from venturing out and about this November. There is plenty happening to fill those daylight hours. Remember this is the month before the festive season, so now is an especially good time to have some fun, see some places and partake in some great activities before we all get caught up in the festivities. So here are 5 reasons to get out and about this November.

guy fawkes night
Remember, remember the 5th November

F is for Fireworks
"Remember, remember the 5th of November. Gun powder, treason and plot. There must be a reason for remembering this season, but whatever its reason I've forgot!" - The Kipper Family

Of course here in the UK we head out into the cold nights to watch the fireworks, eat marshmallows and drink some hot punch. Guy Fawkes night remains as much a part of our culture as fish and chips! Most towns and villages have one so all the more reason to get out and enjoy it. Let's just hope the weather is kind and allows everyone a soaked free evening. 

V is for Visiting Museums
It's that period between half term and the festive period. Schools have now returned and its the low season, the down time until the Christmas markets arrive. So why not take a weekend out to visit a museum near where you live? Or if you are visiting London then you'll probably have them to yourself. Enjoy it whilst you can.

C is for Christmas Markets
Towards the end of November the Christmas Markets open and with it the run in towards the big day. Most major cities and larger towns around the UK hold one. They are normally themed for example German, Victorian and so on. Interestingly the first Christmas market to start up after they were revived in the early 80's was in Lincoln. Its a great way to get into the Christmas spirit, eat some festive food and drink some mulled wine. 

LM is for Lords Mayor Show
On Saturday the 14th of November London hosts the annual Lords Mayors Show. It's celebrating its 800th year, so has become an essential part of London and its traditions. Its an event that anyone visiting London during this time should take in. It's pageant and party time rolled into one. The main parade starts at 11 am and concludes with fireworks (them again) in the evening. With performers from around the globe. Call it London's alternative carnival. 

F is for Fungi foraging 
As you may well know we often feature activities to get you into the great outdoors. Well how about a bit of mushroom hunting? The National Trust are running such events during November. Find our where to see a Slippery Jack or eat a Giant Puffball! If you visit the National Trusts events page it will list the nearest mushroom event to you.

Getting out and about
So there we go, some great ideas to keep you busy during this mid to late Autumn month. Do you have other ideas? I'd love to hear from you. So get that woolly jumper on. Find those wellington boots and get out and about this November. Most of all...have fun. 


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