28 October 2015

top tips for an alternative halloween

The tick-tock sound of the grandfather clock can be heard in the darken hallway of a creepy old house. Old portraits of house members past align the wall. Their black and white images almost staring back at you, watching, following. There's a creaking sound coming from upstairs as if someone is walking around but no one is there. The swing seat in your garden gently rocks back and forth without a person in sight. A music box starts playing its gentle tune and then abruptly stops. A light flickers as the wind howls around the empty house, strange noises can be heard. Halloween is soon upon us so Sketches is getting in on the act. Here are some alternative ideas for a spooky but fun Halloween evening. Just don't be alone.....

1) Watch a horror of a film - Instead of watching a horror film why not watch a horror of a film? Sex in the City 2 anyone? It will be the spookiest couple of hours of your Halloween night. Giving you nightmares for many a day, week or month.

The ghostly Jasons Hill near Chesham in Buckinghamshire

2) Pumpkin faces - Why not try an alternative face on your craved pumpkin? Why not give it a happy face? Or attempt your favourite singer or actor? It doesn't always have to been spooky does it?

3) Visit a local ghostly spot - The picture above may look like an innocent country road. (It's just outside the small village of Leyhill in the heart of the Chilterns, close to London). However this road is supposedly haunted by a headless horseman or so I was told when young. I used to deliver newspapers down that road and when it was dark I always peddled my bike quicker. I never saw the ghost but the thought always stayed with me. Every town or village seems to have a ghostly tale to tell, so why not go and visit your local ghost spot. You may not see a ghost but I'm sure it will still be spooky. 

Probably scary enough without effects!
4) Ghostly faces - why not have some fun by taking ghostly pictures with your phone or tablet? Print them off and hide them around housemates or family members rooms. Then wait to see if they jump with freight at the site of your spooky image.....

or alternatively if you're in the UK go and visit

5) Pluckley in Kent - Britain's most haunted village according to the Guinness World Records.  Up to twelve ghosts are recorded, from an old school master to a lady on a bridge. How about a bit of ghost busting? 

So there we are, an alternative Halloween. Have you got any alternative Halloween ideas? Then why not pop a comment down and then we can all share in making it an alternative night of entertainment. 


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