1 October 2015

5 reasons to get out and about this october

The clocks go back! The days are that little bit shorter, there's a little bit of a chill in the air and the green fields and trees of summer say their last goodbyes until Spring. That shouldn't however put you off from getting out there. Autumn is a beautiful time of the year, with much to explore and admire. So here are this months 5 reasons to get out and about this October. 

C is for Conkers
The wonderful Horse Chestnut tree provides October fun for young and old with its seeds, the conker. So on a sunny day why not get out there and collect a few that have fallen and then play this old traditional game that is sadly rarely seen nowadays. A follow-up post is going to explain the game, so watch out for that in the coming days. Half the fun is trying to collect them if they haven't already fallen. We used to get long sticks or climb the trees to try and knock them down. Family fun at its best. 
It's all going Conkers!
DR is for The Deer Rut
If you are a wildlife lover then you really must try to catch this spectacle. The National Trust are a great source to find out when these take place on their properties. And there are a number of parks closer to our cities that house deer, also provide you with the opportunity to witness this wonderful natural experience in all its glory. The closet to us is Ashridge Park and during October they are holding two Deer Rut sessions that includes a hearty breakfast. So why not get up early and witness for yourself this amazing natural event.

"Autumn Leaves" by the author
C is for colours
As the Northern Hemisphere enters the colder months nature decides to give us a little show! Autumn is of course one of the most beautiful of times. The trees change colour and we're often given a spectacular show. What better time than on a sunny October day than to head into the countryside and see the beautiful trees in all their splendour. Reds, yellows and browns. From New England in America to our local woods. You really are in for a treat. And with the weather having been very kind here in the UK, it could be a spectacular year?

O is for Oktoberfest 
Well it has to be included doesn't it? If you can't head for Munich then there are plenty of hybrid events. Here in the UK there are a number of choices in London alone. One such Oktoberfest starts on the 1st in Millwall park for four days and then continues from the 8th in Canary Wharf. There are many others of course, so plenty of beer to be had.

Anyone for a pumpkin? - by the author

P is for Pumpkin festivals
Halloween is October's swansong of course but what about the humble pumpkin itself? Really we should eat more of this delicious food and what better excuse than during the time its most prominent. Pumpkin pie anyone? There are pumpkin festivals the world over and here in the UK we're not left out. Throughout October the Slindon Pumpkin Festival runs, so what better way to get out and about with a visit to a more unusual festival Slindon Pumpkin Festival

So there we are, October's activities all set up. From beer to pumpkin, a brisk walk to a nice beer. What a great month to get out and about. Enjoy and please let me know what you will do during this most colourful of Autumn months.


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