28 September 2015

the best of sketches in travel september

A Pic and Mix of a Month

As the last days of September wave it's fond farewell and the super moon graced our shores it's been an interesting month for Sketches. Some new and different posts were published this month, which lead to some new and exciting challenges in blogging terms. So in no particular order is the best of Sketches in Travel for September. Links to each post are in coloured. 

luxury hip flasks
Swig Luxury Hip Flasks
For the first time Sketches was given the opportunity to review some products and books that had been sent to me. I felt incredibly honoured to do them and found the challenge of writing them very enjoyable. From a hip flask Swig Luxury Hip Flasks via a running app Heat Running App to a art/travel book by Sasha Harding, A Brush with the Coast . All very different but all having relevance to travel and lifestyle. Hopefully inspiration for festive gifts? Or a reason to get out and challenge yourself, whether walking or running. I know they have challenged me, how about you? 

Anyone for some Whisky?
Sometime back I was fortunate to have been given some rather nice Japanese Whisky made by the producer Ichiro from the city of Chichibu. With a hint of red wine from the barreling process it's a wonderfully deep and satisfying drink. Especially with the colder evenings drawing in. I'm no whisky expert but clearly Japan produces some to the worlds best. So with the festive season coming fast upon us this drink would go down very well as a winter warmer Ichiros malt whisky

malt whisky
Ichiro's Malt Whisky
Apart from reviews the other feature this month was art, a rekindled passion of mine. Even if I'm not great at it!? On a recent visit to Cliveden, a National Trust property I decided to take the sketch book and Ipad with me. Cliveden is a wonderful place to visit; beautiful gardens, a maze, shops and woodland walks. Inspiration for any budding artist. It's also has a rather nice hotel I've been told. Well worth a visit if you can get there and not that far from the hassles of London. Click on the link to find out more, Cliveden.

Sketches in Travel 
So we head into October, the month of real change in the seasons. Nights drawing in and the chill of winter close by. I hope you will join me as we head into these Autumnal months. You can expect plenty of travel related posts, the return of my serialized book On the Trail of the Yellow Fingernail (which I have somewhat neglected) and a look back at reasons for visiting Shanghai and much more. I'd be delighted if you would join me via the various social media links at the top of the blog. Or please give your comments on any of this months offerings. 

Coming up next: 5 reasons to get out and about this October


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