11 September 2015

swig luxury flasks

Swig Luxury Flasks Review
Are you about to head off on an expedition or go backpacking around the world? Stuck for a present for an sporting family member? Just want an accessory for a ramble in the countryside? Or just stuck for a quality present for that special one for Christmas? Can't believe I've mentioned that word! Then I hope you read on and consider the Swig Luxury Flask. Sketches has been given the opportunity by the kind people at Swig Flasks to test drive or should that be test drink from their product. It was an offer I just couldn't refuse.

Swig Luxury Flasks

A Brief History
Swig Flasks were born out of the frustration of getting a "man" gift and the want of having a good quality hip flask. Marrying the two ideas and throwing in a measure of entrepreneurial skills and investment Swig Flasks were born and its popularity started to grow. It's success is built on being a quality product that makes for the perfect accompaniment for drinkers and explorers of any age. But does the flasks work as a backpacking, adventurer loving accessory for a younger audience? Is it a luxury item that can be used for the mountain climber or the rambler? Well here's our verdict.

Beautifully Packaged
Firstly you have to be impressed by the packaging. Their attention to detail is to be admired. As first impressions count so much with luxury items and as the picture below demonstrates they have certainly accomplished that criteria. It immediately feels as if it's been given that individual touch, packaged by loving hands and not just thrown together. Once inside, you have the flask, which is presented on nicely layered material, helping to accentuate the clean, glistening finish of the metal. So from that initial moment of receiving and opening, you know you have a quality product.

Swig Flasks - First impressions count

Swig Flasks - beautifully packaged

In Action 
Picking up the flask it has a lovely light touch and feel and holds well in your hand. I chose the blue leather holder to accompany it, which is itself nicely finished. If you visit the website you can choose from a variety of colours to suit your personal preferences. From leather to softer materials there is plenty of choice, click on the link to see their full product range Swig Flasks. I thought I'd give it a trail run, so used it on a recent trip to Newcastle. Although I wasn't hiking or doing anything adventurous it became immediately clear that its lightweight and easy to pack, although without a funnel a little tricky to fill. In saying that I would have no hesitation in taking it on a long winter walk or hike or even a holiday abroad for that matter. You can tell its good quality and will last a lifetime if cared for properly.

Perfect for the backpacking adventurer

The Verdict
There is no doubt that these flasks are multi-purpose, nicely made and should be apart of any travelers equipment, even though they could be classed as a luxury item. The invite to join the Swig club is also an added bonus. Each flask has a personal number, which becomes your membership number. You then receive invites to events, exclusive offers and much more, so what's not to like? 

The Swig Flask is an item that will hold travelling memories. Imagine the adventures it will accompany you on? The stories it could tell? For that reason alone it has to be worth it? Doesn't it?

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