25 September 2015

Sasha Harding

A Brush with the Coast 
Sasha Harding - Book Review

Travel books are there to inform, entertain, perhaps even bring back memories of trips past. Hopefully a bit like this blog? So let me introduce to you a book that ticks all those boxes and many more, A Brush with the Coast by the artist Sasha Harding. This past week Sketches has been looking at the connection between art and travel and this book has been the inspiration for this series of posts. Sasha Harding is a successful UK based artist who when looking for inspiration for an art exhibition, embarked on a journey of discovery and self fulfilment. The result of which is stunning. When I saw her work and the book on display in a Swanage gallery this summer I just had to say directly how much I liked her work. After an exchange of e-mails I've been given the opportunity to read and review her book. For which I am eternally grateful for.

From the book A Brush with the Coast

The South-West Coastal path runs for some 600+ miles from Minehead to Swanage, taking in some of the UK's most beautiful coastline from Cornwall to the Jurassic Coastline. This book is the story behind the epic walk Sasha took, through her words, sketches and paintings. I know I've said this before but if you're looking for a early Christmas present idea then this book should be at the top of your list. Not only is it an inspiration to go and visit this part of the British Isles but also to try your hand at drawing and sketching. Surely there can be no greater compliment?
"Cool Surf Dude, Bantham Beach by Sasha Harding

Coastal Adventures
Firstly the book is beautifully presented, with its mix of sketches and paintings. It reads like a travel journal with each stage of the journey revealing the trials and tribulations Sasha and her dog Jess encountered on route. The book explains in great detail her feelings, aspirations and at times dispair as she makes her way along the path. As well as giving you an in depth account of the countryside, villages and towns she passes through on route. You really go through it with her, especially when the going gets tough. You feel her pain, and feel battered and bruised. And that's just reading it! There are some wonderfully written moments when she encounters fellow walkers. You can understand the want to walk alone but also the need for company. So the book takes you though the various emotions such an epic journey entails. The written word is beautifully complemented by her wonderful artwork. Examples of which are shown here. From rough sketches to full paintings, the art has such a warmth and adds depth to the words, making for a rich visual and reading experience.  

By Sasha Harding
A brush with an artist
This is a wonderful coffee table book. A perfect accompaniment to a hot brew on a cold winters evening. As it reads a little like a diary. I've read one stage each day. That way you almost feel like you are sharing Sasha's adventure as she does, with each day bringing new adventures and challenges. Its a book I just can't fault. I'm very grateful to Sasha for allowing me to not only have a copy but also review it. I love the artwork, and as I said before it has such a warmth and spirit about it. Almost a cartoon edge to it. Her book deserves the success its already receiving and she has certainly inspired myself with my art and the want to explore more of our beautiful coastline more. A Brush with the Coast is a wonderful addition
to anyone's book collection. 

If you would like to find out more about Sasha's work please click on the following link  http://www.sashaharding.co.uk/

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