5 September 2015

heat running

Getting into shape
It seems there is a constant barrage from all kinds of media outlets to get in shape, keep in shape, eat your five a day etc etc..So when I was invited by the good people of Heat running to review their new app it was initially with some trepidation. I used to run but cycling has taken over in recent years so the chance to re-awaken and reacquaint my running feet with the tarmac was too good an offer to refuse. So with old, tatty trainers to hand (really need to get some new ones) the journey to competing in a half marathon has begun. And as their motto states, time to unlock my animal. 

"Unlock your animal"

test yourself
Heat running app
Beginnings: small steps
Started by two friends, Arya Farzin and Joseph Phillips who met when working at an elite gym and both being personal trainers. They naturally wanted to help people be fit and healthy. So to reach a far wider audience with their ideas on how to do this and not just impart their wisdom on those they worked with in the gym. The Heat running app was born. 

Heat running - a global app
Unlock that Animal
If like me, you are starting from scratch and have never used a running app before then this one has real appeal. It's quirky and fun for starters. Once signed up you choose what distance you are going to run. So there's no pressure on you to go crazy and run too far. It also allows you to opt for a take it easy or push yourself run. In these early stages, take it easy seems a great option. It starts at 400m and goes up to the half marathon distance at present. So the app also appeals to elite runners. You are then effectively in a race with other like minded people from across the planet. A truly global race. The beauty is although you can be competitive, the main objective is to really improve yourself. So the decision is totally yours if you want to race or not. Although seeing yourself finishing last is motivation enough to improve. 

From an Egg to.....
As your running improves so will the want to increase distance and improve times. That's perhaps the time to be more competitive and try and win some races. Your Profile gets updated and you'll see what animal you become as you increase your competitiveness and speed. You start as an egg and work your way up the food chain. It's an incredibly easy app to navigate and use, adding to lets be honest what can be quite a lonely sport at times. It will make those cold winter nights more interesting that's for sure. It's interesting to see who you are running against and maybe they will incorporate a social aspect to the app as it develops?  

I want to be a stallion!
Heat running
I was chuffed to be asked to review this app as for sometime I've wanted to get running again. It has been a real motivator and becoming an ambassador has only further enhanced this. Although it's only at present available on iTunes (click on the link in the blog sidebar or here Heat running if you'd like to download the app), it should be rolling out onto other platforms very soon. This app is made for the new watches being developed by the various electronic giants. 

There are many running apps out there but for me this app is the only one I'll be using as I attempt to unlock my animal! And achieve a goal of running a half marathon I've had in my mind for many many years. Right I really need to get some new running shoes.....See you on route..

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