18 September 2015


Sketches of Cliveden 

It amazes me when you revisit a place that you always find something new to look at or explore. On our recent return to Cliveden, a National Trust run Manor house on the outskirts of London, we decided to take a different approach to our visit. With our sketch pads and Ipad in our bags we decided to get a different perspective to this most wonderful manor house and grounds. So as part of Art Week here are some rough sketches and pictures inspired from that day. As is always the case with my drawings, they are rough and not necessarily accurate in colours and detail. Lets call them interpretations..

Looking towards Cliveden - drawn on IPad by the author

Rough Sketches....
Cliveden takes on an altogether different feel during the summer. For a start its very very green and also has an array of wonderfully coloured flowers. The gardens are immaculate and the place is rammed with visitors (no bad thing by the way). So instead of the usual photos I thought I'd try and do some sketching. If you are familiar with this blog you'll realise that I like doing my art with an element of roughness. They are sketches rather than completed works. Some have been drawn in my notebook, others using the Ipad. The sketches below show parts of the  main fountain that leads up to the house and the view of the house from the main garden. Grand and full of charm and opulence. Cliveden is a great place to sketch. 

Rough sketch of Cliveden from the garden
A rough sketch of the main fountain at the driveway to Cliveden House 

The Long Garden
One of the most beautiful parts of Cliveden is The Long Garden. Beautifully manicured, it's great place to stroll around in the piece and quiet of its surroundings. With gardens tendered to perfection its a lovely contrast to the more open plan main gardens. Where families picnic and kids run around the wide expanses of lawn. There are many elements to admire in the garden. From statues to animal shaped hedges. It was this tree however that really caught my sight. With it's flat top it seemed at odds with the rest of the garden.  

I've said this before but Cliveden is a wonderful place to visit. With it being so close to London it should be on anyone's UK itinerary. It's also a fabulous place to sketch and explore. With plenty of subjects for all types of artists. Travel and art make such great companions, and sitting sketching was a wonderful way to look at this beautiful attraction. I would love to hear from you if you've been here. Were you inspired by your visit? I've no doubt I'll be returning again. And when I do I'll be sure to take my pencil and pad...

Next time in Art Week: Sketches from Sketches in Travel. The whys and inspirations behind the pictures.

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