21 September 2015

best of the artwork in sketches

Artwork from Sketches in Travel
As part of Art Week at Sketches I thought it would be nice to pick some of the my favourite artwork from the two stories I've done The Case of the Missing Turnips and On the Trail of the Yellow Fingernail and the travel blog. Give a little background to the reasons for creating them and so on. The idea is to eventually turn one or some of them into prints, postcards or even t-shirts. I wanted your help to decide which ones. 

The Case of the Missing Turnips
When this blog first started I kept to sketching with good old fashioned pencil and paper. The first sketch featured is an adaption from the original front cover. The book (using that loosely) that came out in the late 1980's was self produced and printed. When I adapted it for the blog I re-wrote and updated sections of the book, deciding to add in more images. I rather liked this sketch and thought I'd re-draw it using the Ipad to see how it compared. 

Based on the original cover of The Case of the Missing Turnips

Turnips, drawn on Ipad
John Wilson
The following sketches are of the main character from the stories I've published so far; John Wilson. My problem is that I'm not very good at drawing faces so I try to avoid doing them if I can. I was really pleased with the first picture, it comes from the scene when he's stuck in his neighbours wardrobe which is full of bloomers! The moose head was hanging on the wall and fell onto his head when the wardrobe broke apart! It was a great excuse to cover John's face.

Bloomers and moose heads! 
Again here any excuse not to show his face! Some of the scenes from the first story were set in the kitchen, so with morning newspaper in hand it made it easy to cover the face. Although I have had guest artists reveal his face I still can't quite picture it myself. Maybe I never will? I'm always looking around for people willing to give it a try. 

John Wilson relaxing at home

On the Trail of the Yellow Fingernail
For the second story I decided to try some different art. These were drawn using the Ipad and the Sketches app. I wanted it to have a different feel to the more cartoon sketches of the first story and I was reasonably pleased with the results. They are my hands, although the second picture looks like I have incredibly hairy arms! I sort of do but not that much. 

The Yellow Fingernail

Same enemy, different finger!
Travel sketches
Recently I've started to sketch more for the travel posts and the comments I've received have been very encouraging. I know I'm not a great artist but I enjoy the process and if people like them, then that suits me fine. I seem to like drawing nature at present...lets see what October's post brings??
For the 5 reasons to get out and about posts (October's is coming soon) I wanted to featured fruits and food that suit that particular month. Again I've done them in a different style, pencil and water colour on the Ipad. I like their unfinished look.


Sketching for fun
I hope you have enjoyed the stories behind some of my favourite sketches from the blog? I've enjoyed creating them and I hope you will continue to follow the art output as the stories develop and the travel blog grows. So which of these should I turn into a print or a t-shirt? Would be great to get your responses. 

Next time during Art Week: Review of Sasha Harding's latest travel / art book

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