15 September 2015


Its the start of a themed week on Sketches; Art Week. Where we take a look at the relationship between art and travel in its various forms, from photo's to sketches, art book reviews to including some of my own artwork from various posts and some new ones.  Maybe even your own work?

Art has inspired me from a young age, sketching on paper, art lessons at school. Doodling on students books whilst teaching them English in Japan! I've always enjoyed it, however good or bad the artwork may be. Art and travel have such a close relationship, I do this blog Sketches in Travel! So I hope you will enjoy the various posts as we look at the joy of art and just how it can inspire us to travel and complement our travelling experiences, whatever standard we are.

Sandcastle competition by the artist Sasha Harding

Walk around any major art gallery (a part of many peoples travel itineraries I'm sure?) and you will come across works of art that have a close association to travel or travelling. Some depict the beginning or completion of a great journey. Others looking at the joys of the travel experience. It's wonderful how artists can capture those moments, like the picture featured. I'll be reviewing Sasha's travel and art journal, the inspiration for this group of posts, later in the week. Their paintings bring pleasure and help capture our own memories. Take a moment to really appreciate them

So I want to put a bit of a challenge out there. I'd like to feature in a special post some original sketches of travel memories or moments by you. Are you up for the challenge? It doesn't have to be perfect, look at my artwork for starters! It can be pencil sketches or whatever style you prefer, it doesn't matter. So if you want to feature your a picture then please send it to sketchesintravel@gmail.com with your name, a brief description and your blog or website and I'll put it into a post. Or if you want to make contact first then please just email. It would be a great way to finish this series.

So what are you waiting for? Get sketching....... 

Coming next in Art week: Sketches of Cliveden


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