6 August 2015

three reasons to visit swanage

By the Sea 

Travel Diaries August 1st-4th

It's a 7am start, blimey that's early for the drive to sunny Swanage, but if you're going to beat the traffic then you've just got to go with with it. Off we went, weaving our way south, joining the many others doing the same. We got there for lunch time so not too bad all told. For those who are unaware Swanage is a seaside town that is at the end of the Isle of Purbeck,  close to Poole and Bournemouth on the South Coast of England. Popular with families with an old-world feel. So it was to be four days of sun, fun, swimming, crab fishing and sandcastle building, plus a bit of tourisming (coining a new phrase here) but more on that tomorrow.

the beach at swanage
The beach at Swanage

Take me to the beach  
It's a sandy beach, hooray! and one with a fantastic view. So there's the first reason to visit and probably for many the only reason. Yes there are stones but also shells so if hunting for them is your game then you've chosen a good beach to visit. It also has swallow waters so great for a paddle. I did manage to swim, cold but somehow refreshing. The beach curls its way from the pier to as far as the eye can see, (the picture above hopefully shows that?) so there's really plenty of room, even on a busy Saturday. Sand in toes and suitably refreshed a walk along the promenade watching the bobbing boats is a splendid way to pass the time. 

Art and tea 
I quite fancied a cuppa and with Swanage being a quaint seaside town, there are a few of the usual boring or shall we call them mainstream shops but there is also plenty of small independently run tea rooms. So you are spoilt for choice, reason two. You'll also find plenty of small art galleries promoting region artists of varying quality. I love some art by an artist called Sasha Harding, her style has warmth. I wish I could draw like her (not jealous in the least!) Please take a look at her work Sasha Harding. So have a cuppa and then go and buy some local artwork. And perhaps have a another cuppa, Swanage isn't that big.

A strange one perhaps for reason three but when you think tacky then Swanage isn't really the place. Lots of our seaside resorts are, unfortunately. Yes there are some arcades and fairground rides, yes it has chip shops and tacky gifts but to be honest it's all rather low key and blends into the surroundings reasonably well. Hooray for that. I hope that is how it will remain. It has a friendly atmosphere and everyone was just going about their business enjoying the sun (yes it was sunny) or crabbing on the pier.

towards swanage pier
Looking towards the pier

If you happen to be visiting the south coast then Swanage should be on your list. It's small, doesn't have the vibrancy of its larger neighbours of Poole or Bournemouth but that doesn't stop it from being a great little seaside retreat and a eye opener into a UK seaside resort. Have you been? Did you enjoy your time there? Would be great to know. Now where did I leave that bucket and spade?


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