25 August 2015


Travel Games
If Winnie the Pooh can do it, then so can you! Last month Sketches introduced a new monthly feature called travel games. We started with countries featured in movies and we're moving onto a travel game that is for all the family. Competitive and fun in equal measure. The origins of this game go back to Winnie the Pooh of course from "The House at Pooh Corner" by A.A. Milne and was to become an iconic and popular family pastime. Do people still do it though? Whenever I walk across a small bridge it's something I always think about. Although it's popularity may have diminished, it's an activity featured in the National Trust's 50 things to do before you're 11 3/4 and there's even a world championships. So Sketches is doing it's bit to keep poohsticks alive. 

travel games
A poohstick

The Equipment 
To play this most iconic of games you don't require that much really. Of course you need to find a stream or river with a bridge going across it. And then some sticks, making sure to have a supply if you're going to play for awhile. In the official rules (there are some) you're supposed to bring food with you. I'll leave that one to you. If you are then I suppose it should be honey?

The Rules
So you've found your river or stream. You have your sticks and a bridge so lets play! 

* Face upstream, standing side by side
* Hold stick at arms length over the river or stream
* Decide someone to shout "go" and drop your stick into the river or stream.
* Race across to the other side of the bridge and see whose stick emerges first. 

The perfect poohsticks location

Pooh Sticks
If you are interested in the official poohsticks rules, the book "The Official Pooh Corner Rules for playing Poohsticks" by Mike Riley will give you all the answers you need. So with Autumn fast approaching and the days getting shorter now is the time to give this game a go. Who doesn't love a game of poohsticks? 

I'd love to hear about your travel game adventures, so why not leave a comment or use any of the social media tabs. Happy poohsticking


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