23 August 2015

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Stuffed Animals - Travel Diaries August 2015
It's raining, lots! M (our daughter) is sitting drawing pictures whilst I'm scratching and pulling what strands of hair I have, wondering what we can do. The joys of entertaining the kids during Summer holidays when it's raining. Summer!! If only. Luckily we live close to some major tourist attractions, many that have and will be featured in this blog. One such place close by is the Natural History Museum tring. The sister museum of Natural History Museum in London. It's free (you can and should donate) and only a few miles up the road. Surely a winner. So with raincoats on, off we sped to Tring and the museum of stuffed animals.
Tring Museum

Tring Museum
Stuffed animals is perhaps a bit harsh, taxidermy is the official term. The museum was the brainchild of Lionel Walter Rothschild who wanted to study and preserve the vast array of animals and species he had seen from his many adventures around the globe.  When we arrived, under a deluge of summer rain it was noticeable that many others had the same idea. Parking can be an issue (be warned) but that aside it's a great little museum to explore. 

What's that?
Walking around the displays what strikes you most is just the sheer array of different animal species. Actually its mind-boggling. Large and small it really is a Noah's ark. It's the facial expressions that really got me. There you are peering into the eyes of a tiger or bear and wondering "What are you thinking?" It's all beautifully done, and retains its Victorian appearance. As you explore each level you walk around in wonder at it all. Clearly Mr Rothschild was a busy man. M had plenty to keep her occupied and although small, the special exhibition space gave an interesting insight into myths and monsters. 

Someones been busy!

Links with its brother 

As a component to the Natural History Museum its the perfect folly. Smaller in size but with as much educational elements as a museum can allow. I suppose the only downside is that it's not the most accessible place to visit. Tring station is some distance away (because of the Rothschilds) so driving there is the only option really. That said, it was full up with holiday makers. Stuffed animals it may be, let's call it a stationary zoo, the Natural History Museum Tring is a place well worth visiting on your travels around the UK. Children or no.

Have you been to the museum? Did you enjoy your time there? Would be great to hear from you. 

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