10 August 2015


Air travel the low cost way 
It's easy (sorry for the pun) to mock and stick our noses up at flying low-cost but when you don't have the funds to turn left on a scheduled airline the alternatives are far and few between. So sketches is going to praise a particular flight we went on recently with easyJet and put it out there that flying low cost isn't as bad as many feel it is. 

Our plane home from Menorca
easyjet are a UK based low cost airline flying over 700 routes to 32 countries. They are the UK's largest airline and Europe's second largest behind Irish low-cost carrier Ryanair. When we flew with easyJet we were just four of the 60 odd million that fly with them each year. All impressive figures and a familiar sight in our European skies. But why am I waxing lyrical about them?

Our story
On our recent trip abroad we had a very pleasurable experience with easyJet. Although it started in chaos. Spanish ground staff really do have no concept of time! Leisurely strolling to their desk as if nothing matters and that 200 odd people didn't really want to catch a flight! That aside all was fine. It was on the flight that the staff excelled. 


Because Europe was being battered by winds and heavy rain our flight was delayed, originally for an hour. Not great as everyone was aboard and the doors closed ready for the off. And this is where I was so impressed. The crew were incredibly friendly and helpful (not the norm with low-cost on previous flights). They were very child friendly which as the flight was packed with kids was a huge bonus, talkative, reassuring and full of fun. Not to be outdone was the pilot, who also joined in on the act. 

The happy pilot

Our pilot was a bit of a joker (wish I had remembered his name). Before takeoff and during the flight he spoke with humour when relaying to us the weather back home (had forgotten his umbrella!) and other humourous details. Including upon arrival after a bumpy descent into Southend Airport.  Passengers chuckled as did I at his comments. What I'm trying to get at here is that it was all very reassuring and you could see that every one of the crew were enjoying their roles from pilot to attendant. Flying is a serious business but with a little added humour and a smile it made the flight one of the most pleasurable I've had for many a year. 

Low-cost doesn't mean low expectations

I know that there can be issues with flying low-cost but there are also problems flying with scheduled services. Our recent flight with easyJet was superb and they need to be commended for that. So the next time you look at booking a flight then don't diss the low-cost carriers, they might just surprise you.

If you have a low-cost flight story then I'd love to hear about it and why not share it with other members in the CAES (Civil Aviation Enthusiast Society) community on google CAES. Just click the link to join.  


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