9 August 2015

a little guide to being an avid plane spotter

The Avid Spotter
If you want to take planespotting a little more seriously today's little guide will give you the tools to help you on your way. We've looked at the amateur plane spotter in the post The Plane Spotter so we take a candid look at the avid spotter. These are the people that stand with notepads and pens, eagle eyed on the latest arrivals or departures. They know when key planes are due. 

The Tale of AeroMexico 
Trust me I once went to Heathrow and watched and listened to this small group of spotters waiting for an AeroMexico 787 Dreamliner to arrive. It's that vivid I'll never forget it. They weren't particularly bothered about the other planes arriving, just this one. It was great entertainment listening to their build up to the arrival. Chatting away, checking their trackers to note where it was...When it did arrive it was on the wrong runway! Far on the other side of the airfield. They got their number but it did feel a bit of a let down. And I felt a little disappointed for them. Most of them packed up and went after the plane had arrived. That's the avid spotter. So what equipment do you need

Its not that hard, is it?
So there you are, it doesn't take that much really. If you have the time and the few bits of equipment then you too will become the avid spotter. So what are you waiting for? Now is the time to give it a try. Head to your local airport, maybe they're have a viewing area and do some spotting. Be sure however not to break any rules, best to go where the others go, would be my advice. So you're one step closer to being an avid spotter. Enjoy!

Have I missed anything? It would be great to know so please don't hesitate to tell me. Next time we take a look at airports.


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