8 August 2015

5 reasons to get out and about this august

August into September is a great time to get out and breath in some fresh air. So with that as our inspiration Sketches is giving you five ideas and reasons to take the family, your friends, partner or even yourself out and about before the onset of Autumn and the shorter days that are ever creeping upon us. It's not in a particular order but try to see if you can do them all this month. 

1. B is for Blackberry picking
This is a great activity for the family, it's simple, requires only a bowl and the end results are incredibly satisfying. Here in the UK the blackberries are ripening so with the weather set warm the next few weeks now is the perfect time to get picking. Many of the roadsides and footpaths are lined with blackberry bushes, which shouldn't make it to difficult to hunt down. Once picked we're making ice-lollies, cordials and maybe a pie with them. Yum. 
Sketch of blackberries by the author

2. H is for Harvest
As August turns to September the harvest is gathered. Now our fields are a sea of yellow. In fact many farmers have already rolled up their hay. With warm sunshine it's well worth getting out into the countryside for a stroll to witness the gathering of the harvest. Stop off at a country pub for a pint of hoppy beer and some freshly baked bread.  

The Hay Bales  - sketched by the author
3. K is for kiting 
I know I've mentioned this activity before but it really is a great way to grab some fresh air, have fun as a family and take part in a sport that will have you hooked. All you need is a bit of space, some light winds and a kite! The beach is a great place to give it a go.

4. S is for Sandcastles 
When the sun shines we all seem to head for the beach. The UK has many fine sandy beaches, including one featured earlier this week (Swanage). So what better activity can you have with the kids than to build an impressive looking sandcastle. It should also be noted that some of our cities have urban beaches. London on the Southbank has one as does Watford! Buckets and spades at the ready.
Sandcastle - sketched by the author

5. W is for a walk in the woods
This is the perfect time of year to take a walk in your local wood or forest. It can be educational, what with the wild flowers, butterflies and our summer visitors from the skies, the birds. The UK has an abundance of wonderful woods including Sherwood Forest, Epping Forest, Forest of Dean and closer to home for me Ashridge Estate. Whilst having a walk build a den from old pieces of wood. It seems to be the flavour of the month in our parts. Check out your nearest wood and see what summer delights it can bring. 

So there we are, some ideas to hopefully inspire? If visiting the UK why not venture out of the towns? There is so much to discover beyond the concrete jungles of our cities.  


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