11 August 2015

30 day blogging challenge

A Blogging Challenge
Blogging can be a bit like playing chess! So many different niches to choose to write about (moves), so many choices and combinations to take as you go along. Some of those moves will prove successful, others not so. When a blogging challenge comes along that promises to make you a better player in the blogging world, well it's something you just have to do, whatever your circumstances, right? 

Blogging is a bit like Chess?

I've been blogging for about a year in the crowded travel niche and although the blog was progressing well it needed a boost. I had no idea if I was doing things correctly, how to write better content, gain more page views, increase your SEO. Also I was still not confident in my own abilities as a writer. So when I saw this blogging challenge set up by Sarah and Kevin Arrow I took the plunge. And you should too. If you are in tune with the very first words Sarah writes in the first e-mail sent, then this challenge is for you.

"I love blogging. By the end of this challenge you will too" 
- Sarah Arrow

The 30 day challenge
So each day you're sent an email from Sarah who will give a specific task for that days blog post. You just need to relate it to your niche. Examples could be..

* Updating your About me page
* Using infographics
* Target words
* Boosting your SEO

I don't want to spoil the surprise, hopefully you get the idea? So once your post is written and published you need to add it to the Facebook page Blogging Challenge Facebook Page as there are many other bloggers doing the challenge and Sarah and Kevin need to keep tabs on what day you're on etc. There is a real community spirit with bloggers supporting each other, whatever the genre. And as long as you contribute to others you will make many blogging friends.

What it's done for me?

So what has it done for Sketches in Travel? Well I've seen a huge increase in traffic, with a number of my posts having more individual views than I could ever imagine. My Coffee and Travel and 1040 to Corfe Castle being examples. I get more comments from readers, my blog posts are appearing on the first pages of google searches and I've started to get some interest from companies and individuals to review products / books. What more could I ask for? So who knows what's around the corner? I'm not a grandmaster (keeping with the chess theme) but I'm certainly improving and enjoying it more. Enjoyment is the key element here. It's fun and this challenge has just emphasized that. 
What move shall I make next?

Why you should join
Why spend the next 30 days blogging? Well its a no brainer really. I'm a blogger that's just come out of his nappies and this challenge has helped to push me onto the next level. My confidence in my own writing abilities has grown, my content is better and hopefully more interesting. You are the judge of that mind, so please let me know. So whether you are a seasoned blogger or new to the blogging landscape please give it a go. You really won't regret it. Anyone for a game of chess?

To join the challenge click on the link below and sign up for Sarah's e-mails 30 day blog challenge. And once you do please let me know because I'll support you all the way. 


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