11 July 2015

what's it like to eat sushi

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Think of a food that represents Japan and you are more than likely to come up with sushi. Raw fish or vegetables on a bed of rice or perhaps wrapped in rice. To some the thought of eating raw fish sounds disgusting. For others it's pure gastronomic pleasure. So for this latest what's it like to...we're looking at sushi.

Kappa Maki

If you were to walk around London's streets say 10 years ago you would have been hard pushed to have found a sushi bar or restaurant. Move forward to now and sushi is the food of choice, with restaurants aplenty. On the one hand sushi is almost a fast food, quick and easy to eat. On the other hand it takes years of dedication and practice make them properly and become a sushi chef. Watching them make it seems easy but is far from it. So make sure to treat the sushi you eat with respect. If it's good it's been lovingly made.

Tuna is a popular choice

Which type and what's it like?
So what type should you eat? The most popular varieties are Nigri sushi (raw fish on top of a bed of rice, see below) and Maki sushi (rolled sushi, see above). With Nigri you can swallow it whole or in a couple of mouthfuls, the better the fish the easier it slides down the throat, almost melting as you do so. Its an incredible taste and hard to describe, fishy! Add a little soy sauce and wasabi (hot green mustard if not already added) and you have a taste sensation. Don't be afraid that its raw, it tastes better for it. Try them all; tuna, salmon, squid, octupus, the list goes on.
The real deal

What conclusions can we make?
The majority of my sushi eating experience has come from living and re-visiting Japan on many occasions. From my experience its not quite the same in other countries but its a food that needs to be tried. I suppose it's a bit like where to eat the best fish and chips. It has to be in the UK, doesn't it? Wrapped in paper and eaten whilst sitting on a beach! So although we have made a fair crack at it, sushi in the UK has a long way to go before it comes anywhere close to the Japanese variety. So my conclusion is go visit Japan, not only will you eat great sushi but also you're experience a country full of many other culinary pleasures.

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