5 July 2015

Travel Japan: Picture Adventures in Japan by Mei aged 7

Travel Japan
Travel can be a complicated pastime for us adults. We see and remember elements of our trips so differently from that of a childs. So with that in mind here are my daughters picture interpretations of some of Japans cultural images from her many visits to that country.

Dr Yellow 
Yes there really is a train called Dr Yellow. It's a shinkansen and runs up and down the lines checking that everything is perfect and in working order, ensuring their premier train service runs it is strict and precise schedule. You have to be extremely lucky to see Dr Yellow. In my 15 year association with Japan I've still never seen one. 
Dr Yellow

Tokyo Tower
I took my daughter here a few years back, before Tokyo Skytree became the number one attraction in the big city. Going up here has somehow ingrained itself in her memory, which she has fond memories of.

Tokyo Tower

This wonderful Japanese dish is a favourite of all who eat it, including seven year olds! I'm doing a post about sushi in a few days so this is a nice lead-in for that. Octopus, squid, salmon and tuna are her personal favourites.



Summer brings on intensive heat in Japan, so what better clothes to wear than jinbei. Worn by men, children and also becoming more popular with younger people. It's a shorts and top combination that helps to keep you cool. You'll often see people wearing them at the large fireworks displays (Hanabi) in July and August. I can assure you that wearing one has helped me out on many occasion, even in the UK's rare hot evenings. This picture is Mei's own design. I hope you like it?


I hope you've enjoyed this little insight into Japan through the drawings of a seven year old? They may be a little random but these are just some of the cultural aspects she remembers and forms part of her Travel Japan.

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