3 July 2015

Travel Games: Movies

In a recent post called 5 Alternative Bank Holiday Ideas in London I looked at fun and different ways to spend a weekend enjoying London's sites. This sparked an idea for some future posts, Travel Games. To be played whenever and wherever, travelling on a long trip or just going for an evening out. With my mind full of ideas the series will feature old traditional games that may have been lost amongst modern lifestyles to some new and bonkers ideas that you can try. Your comments as always are most welcome.

Game 1: Travel Movie Game
Heading out to the cinema this weekend? Going to tuck yourself up on the sofa to watch a DVD? If yes then why not play the Travel Movie Game. 

The Rules
1) Watch a movie 
2) Have a pen and paper, if at home. At the cinema you'll have to keep a tally in your head. 
3) Jot down or remember the countries or cultural references to those countries mentioned in the film.
4) You cannot reference anything to do with the main country featured. 

Theory behind the game
Someone once told me that in every Hollywood movie there is a reference to Japan (I was living there at the time). Whether they mention the countries name, visit it, eat something like sushi or use some other cultural reference, Japan always featured. Having watched many a movie since then I can now confirm that this is true! I promise you. So with my slightly warped mind the game has taken shape. Why not give it a try? See how many different countries are represented during a 3 hour Summer blockbuster. You might end up having more fun doing the game than the movie itself. 

It's educational!
Not only will it make you concentrate throughout the film but also give you some geography practice and talking points on the way home. Travel Movie Game, taking you around the globe in under three hours!


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