31 July 2015

three ways to unclog your travel writing blockages

Today's Sketches post is a little different from normal. In-line with the blogging challenge I'm doing its some advice on how I unclog the cobwebs and blockages that occur when writing about the travel industry. I hope that you will find them useful and enlightening? 

writers block
Having a moment!
Still a baby
I'm still a relative novice when it comes to blogging. It'll be one year in a few weeks time but the thought of having a brain blockage of ideas is always tinkling away at the back of my mind. I'm hoping these tips will go someway to stopping these blockages; think of them a bit like a domestic toilet detergent perhaps!

Tip 1: 
It's not all about destinations. Travel doesn't have to be about visiting a new location, it's an industry and niche that taps into all sorts of areas. Most of us are not lucky enough to go travelling and get paid for it so we need to use our imagination a bit. Think about it travel incorporates lifestyle, fashion, food, drink, attractions, travelling, airports, trains, boats, buses...you get the idea? So why not look at other niches because there will still be a travel element to them. Just look at my Coffee and Travel  or Food and Travel posts or the photo blogs and my creative writing (if you can call it that?) 

Tip 2:
Go fishing. I sometimes get a little pressured if I know its blog post day and I haven't finished or I'm not happy with what I've got already. So why not leave it a few days, move right away from the blogging world. Pick some blackberries (soon to happen here in the UK) or concentrate on your actual job or go travelling, even if its relatively local. The blog won't go away and not doubt you will come back refreshed with a bucket full of ideas. And being a travel person, a few days away should give you plenty of writable material.

Tip 3:
Travel issues. There's much to debate in the travel industry at present from HS2, the third runway in London to Disneyland Paris prices. These have all been in the press recently so why not throw in a few of your own ideas? I'm sure there are emotive subjects you can cover in your own countries. 

So there we go. I know its only a few ideas but hopefully you can share some of your own to help us all, as no doubt I'll need unclogging at some point in the future. 

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