28 July 2015

three beaches you should visit in menorca

Travel Diaries - Menorca July 2015

Take me back to the place that I love....
I love a good beach, who doesn't? The lapping of the gentle waves on the beach. The crystal clear waters. Bronzed people walking around without a care in the world showing their tans off, putting my pale complexion to shame. Ice cream, sand and sun lotion mixing together in harmony. The beach.....and doesn't Menorca do beaches well? So today on Sketches are three favourites we visited. 

The beach at Cala Morell
Beach 1Cala Morell in the northwest is quite different from the beaches on the opposite side of the island. It doesn't have much sand for starters, is on the rockier side of the island and isn't that easily accessible. Ideally you'll need to drive there. That however adds to its charm. It's quiet and there are great snorkelling opportunities and the crystal clear water is a massive bonus. Oh and there are some amazing caves to explore the Necropolis de Cala Morell dating from the Bronze and Iron ages. Well worth a look and they're free. 

The beach at Cala Santa Galdana
Beach 2: Cala Santa Galdana
Like most beaches on the island Cala Santa Galdana requires a car to reach it unless you're staying there. You come to it by going down a steep hill and what you initially notice is that it's in a bay with beautiful cliffs on either side. You're also notice this is a major resort, so don't expect it to be quiet. There's a hotel right next to the beach (pumping out Jazz music) and a number of restaurants line the promenade (do you call it a promenade in other countries?) and there are other shops and a water park close by. The waters are shallow and very safe and what a view you get. So a resort beach but one that has a certain charm. There are other beaches close by that are quieter and unspoilt (Cala Macarella / Cala Macarelleta) but you'll need to trek to them. 

Our beach at Cala en Bosc

Beach 3: Cala en Bosc
This was our "home" beach so had to give it a mention. Perhaps not as strikingly beautiful as the other two but what it lacks in features its sands and clear waters more than make up for it. If you're in the area then it's an easy walk and from observing Cala en Bosc was also accessible by bus. There is a little marina close to the beach which has plenty of restaurants (some better than others admittedly) and entertainment so that adds to its charm and will keep the kids amused.

Every beach needs a good cafe/bar/restaurant, oh and a toilet. The beaches featured all offer a place of sanctuary for a snack, drink or food and a piddle if required. Yes they are all a bit touristy but that doesn't stop them from being a great places to visit. They will keep young and old entertained, you'll get a tan and they are also great for a quick dip. What more do you need? Have you visited any of these beaches? Or do you have a favourite to share? Please feel free to share them and we can all wallow in the beauty of these places. 

Coming tomorrow in our Menorca Week: Ciutadella


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